Our vision is to be the construction company of choice in the world of competitive Africa contractors of quality.

We are a leader in the safe and competitive construction of housing and general
building projects stretching right from residential/commercial, warehouses, hotels and new residential construction, to renovations and refurbishments.

Building Supplies and Materials

We supply and transport to site the following building materials:-

Cement, lime, tile adhesive, floor and wall tiles (wood, ceramic and PVC), steel and fabrigations, doors (both steel and wooden)gypsum boards, studs and rails and fillers, all other materials such as sand, building blocks, cabro, ballast, interlocking bricks, paint, wood frames, iron sheets, iron rods, sinks, toilets, bathtubs etc.

Please use the online form to get a quotation from us and kindly state where the site is located and the quantity required so that we can give you the correct cost of transportion of the various supplies.


River Sand


Other Material Supplies