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Our vision is
to be the construction company of choice in the world of competitive contractors of quality.

We are a leader in the safe and competitive construction of housing and general
building projects stretching from residential, commercial, warehouses, hotels and new
residential construction, to renovations and refurbishments.

Wall Scheming

Wall Scheming is at the heart of Interior finishing and this is part of specialty of Jongonga Contractors and we have several workers who have varied exposure and experience in the perfection in this art. This has attracted several high profile clients to our stable including Bata Shops, Naivas Supermarket Chain, Uchumu Supermarkets and numerous individuals that are in the process of constructing their homes.

Supermarket in Nakuru, Kenya

Wall SchemingWall Scheming in Nakuru

Restaurant in Westlands, Nairobi

Wall SchemesWallscheming


Bata Shop Scheming in Ngong, Kenya

Scheming in Ngong, Bata ShopsColour Scheming

Road Construction Photo Gallery