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Our vision is
to be the construction company of choice in the world of competitive contractors of quality.

We are a leader in the safe and competitive construction of housing and general
building projects stretching from residential, commercial, warehouses, hotels and new
residential construction, to renovations and refurbishments.

Partners and Construction Stackholders

Kenya Association of Building and Engineering Consultants (KABCEC)
Mandated to protect the interests of KABCEC members in the course of their businesses. It is in the view of this objective that KABCEC participates actively in the formulation, revision and amendment of conditions of Contract for Building works.

The Institution of Surveyors of Kenya (ISK)
The Institution of Surveyors of Kenya is the professional organization in this country that brings together the "landed" professionals. It brings together the disciplines of the surveying profession namely the Valuers, Land Surveyors, Geomatic Engineers, Registered Estate Agents, Property Managers, Building Surveyors, Land Administration Managers and Facilities Managers.

Architectural Association of Kenya (AAK)
The Architectural Association of Kenya (AAK) is Kenya’s leading Association for professionals in the built and natural environment in Kenya incorporating Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Town Planners, Engineers, Landscape Architects and Environmental Design Consultants and Construction Project Managers.

Interior Designers Association – Kenya
Interior Designers Association, Kenya is the representative body in the Republic of Kenya for professional interior designers, interior architects and interior decorators.

Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM)
Kenya Association of Manufacturers is the representative organisation for manufacturing value-add industries in Kenya. Established in 1959 as a private sector body, KAM has evolved into a dynamic, vibrant, credible and respected business association that unites industrialists and offers a common voice for businesses.

The Association of Kenya Women in Construction (AKEWIC)
The Association of Kenya Women in Construction (AKEWIC) is a professional Association comprised of women working in construction and related industries. The Government of Kenya recently opened up public procurement  opportunities for women, youth and persons and the Association was established to take advantage of these opportunities.

National Construction Authority (NCA)
This is the authority in Kenya that was established to promote and stimulate the development of the construction industry to enable it to meet development aspirations Of Kenya and to facilitate its competitiveness in the region through the exportation of construction services. Its mission is to regulate, streamline and build capacity in the construction industry.

Roads and Civil Engineering Contractors Association (RACECA)
The Roads and Civil Engineering Contractors Association, RACECA, is an Association Registered in Kenya whose membership is open to all firms engaged in road and/or civil engineering construction in the countries of Eastern Africa including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Southern Sudan.

Kenya Association of Project Managers (KAPM)
Kenya Association of Project Managers (KAPM) is a professional body of Project Planning and Management professionals operating in Kenya. Project Planning and Management professionals that are members have four major areas of knowledge discipline namely:
> Project Finance
> Project Monitoring and Evaluation
> Project Management Information Systems
> Project Design, Planning and Implementation

Kenya Green Building Society (KGBS)
The Kenya Green Building Society (KGBS) is an independent, non-profit membership based society registered with the World Green Building Council as its Kenya Chapter. KGBS is mandated to certify the built environment, advocate for green buildings and train green building professionals. KGBS is the leading Green Building movement in the Kenyan market that ensure buildings are designed and built sustainably